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"Sara is amazing!

She's authentic, genuine, and she cares. She operates with integrity and professionalism-her astrological/natal chart readings

are fantastic.

Definitely recommend!"



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"I had Sara complete a reading for me to further my curiosity about astrology.  As an empath and naturally intuitive person, I felt a certain awareness of some aspects of my chart without even knowing it.  Sara did an excellent job of providing me with some affirmation, clarity, and direction to know my instincts were leading me in the right ways.  Such a wonderfully enlightening and affirming experience!  I highly recommend this service whether it be for clarification, guidance, or just some reflective fun.  Sara brings care to what she does and you won't

be disappointed!"


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"Sara is incredible!

I had a natal chart reading with her and was completely blown away by her knowledge, intuition, and the ability to deliver the information straight up but still filled with compassion, understanding, 

and never any judgment.

I’ve been working with my own chart for years, but she was able to point things out that I hadn’t seen and helped me think of in a different light, that brought me more clarity and understanding of myself.

There were so many moments where

I felt so seen and heard in my experiences while also gaining

insight into how I may have shifted and changed my perspective on

life at different moments of planetary influences. I highly recommend getting a reading

with Sara, you won’t

be disappointed." 


Healing Stones


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