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Sara is a certified teacher who taught young adults for over 13 years. As a North Node in Gemini conjunction the asteroid of teaching and learning Rigel in the 5th house of creativity, Sara is excited to educate and illuminate students of all ages about the ancient mystery schools with a modern twist. Sara is offering the following courses (availability varies):

All classes meet on Zoom at the scheduled weekly time. All classes are recorded. Sara will send you a discount code for a reading with her when you sign up for a course. 

You will receive a recording of the class when the Zoom uploads after class is finished. You are not allowed to share recordings with anyone else or upload them to YouTube, Vimeo, or any streaming service. You are not allowed to share videos of the class via any social media platform either. No refunds.

Astrology Tea-Level One-Green Tea

By the end of this course, you will be able to read a birth chart! Learn how to utilize free websites such as and Understand all 12 Zodiac signs, the planets, the houses of Astrological wheel, elements, modalities, how to find your soul's purpose and past lives in a chart, and comprehend the angles and aspects, including Yods. You will also learn how the current Astrological transits affect one's present and past energies. This course meets 6 times.

Intuitive Tarot Class

Learn how to read Tarot in 4 classes! This is an interactive class, but a recording will be made available 24 hours after each class ends.


Class 1: Numerology, elements, reversals, and the suits. Using your intuition to read plus intuitive exercises.

Class 2: Minor Arcana

Class 3: Court Cards and Major Arcana

Class 4:  Spreads and practice doing readings for each other.

Astrology Tea-Level Two-Earl Grey

Learn how to read an Astrological compatibility chart (synastry and composite) and the variety of asteroids that add to compatibility. We will also study solar return charts, relocation charts, past life Draconic charts, and understand how to identify predictions of world events based on Astrology. This course meets 6 times.

NarcProof Soul.png

NarcProof Soul

Deprogram your codependent attachments in this 10 week course/support group.

No recordings in this course due to confidentiality. 

Class One: The roots of people pleasing

Class Two: Why toxic people decide to remain stagnant

Class Three: Practicing detachment, creating boundaries

Class Four: The power of our sacred yes and no

Class Five: You are trustworthy

Class Six:  Recognizing divine love versus codependency

Class Seven: Chiron wounds and societal expectations

Class Eight: I am powerful

Class Nine: Radical acceptance vs. delusion

Class Ten: Stepping into my soul's purpose 

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